Results Matter Video Series on Early Childhood Assessment


These videos have been produced to help providers better understand ways to use observation, documentation, and assessment to inform practice. You can watch the clips online or download QuickTime versions of the videos for use in educational and professional development activities.

Use of these Videos in Professional Development Activities

Below each video, there is a DOWNLOAD VIDEO link which can be used to download an Apple QuickTime .MOV file for use in professional development activities. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) You may not use any of the videos on this site for commercial purposes; 2) You may not edit, alter, transform, or build upon any of the videos on this site; and 3) You may not post a copy of any of the videos on this site to any web site.

Source: Colorado Department of Education

Available at:

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About earlychildhoodnewsupdate

Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D. has worked as an educator and Federal contractor for the last 16 years. While her expertise is focused on special education and early childhood education, Dr. Schwartz has worked on program evaluation, general education, health, and emergency preparedness issues related to children and families. As a team member on several Federal projects Dr. Schwartz worked in technical assistance, resource development, research, and monitoring. Throughout her career, Dr. Schwartz has developed training opportunities and publications to facilitate the use of research-based interventions and support data-driven decision-making by practitioners, technical assistance providers, and Federal staff in the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.
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